Summer Homework All Classes

Summer Homework Assignment: 2019-2020 School Year

For all Marketing, Algebraic Principles of Marketing, School Store and Principles of Business prospective students:

As you joyfully travel and enjoy your well earned summer vacation, I want you to notice how different companies use their “Logo” and “Branding” to communicate with you, “the consumer”, about their product or service. I also want you to take notice of company risk, liabilities, and advertising tactics used by your chosen company. Finally, I want you to explore the world of DECA and identify how it can help prepare you for a brighter future. Go to: and explore the website to see what DECA has to offer you moving forward.

We will be discussing these topics during the 1st week of school in your respective class.

Key Vocabulary Terms you need to define (Write definitions as part of the assignment):


Choose a company (Ex: McDonald’s or Under Armour) and write a 1-2 page paper (5 paragraphs) using the following prompts:
1.) What company did you choose and what PRODUCTS or SERVICES do they provide? What makes them unique? (One Paragraph)
2.) How and where is the BRAND or LOGO displayed? Is it everywhere or just in specific locations. Explain with detail. (One Paragraph)
3.) Is there a “common theme or message” surrounding the BRAND or LOGO? Explain with detail. (One Paragraph)
4.) What types of LIABILITIES do you see the company having to prepare for in regards to RISK? Explain with detail. (One Paragraph)
5.) What kind of ADVERTISING does your location provide and what are the types of MEDIA (TV, Radio, Print, Web Based or Social Media) do they use to get their message to their customers? Explain with detail. (One Paragraph)

6.) Tell me one thing that about DECA that excites you for the upcoming year.

Enjoy your summer and hopefully this assignment will “Open your Eyes” to the world of Business & Marketing.
Be safe, have fun, and see you in August SPARTANS!!!!